Vine Establishment

The period of vine establishment is one of the most important for your vineyard's development as it is the transition from a nursery transplant to a producing vine.  What is done in these formative years can have a significant impact on the vineyard once it reaches maturity.  In the first 3 4 years, trunk and root growth are the focus of our attention.  Some fruit will be produced during this time, but never at the cost of the permanent structure.  Methods such as selecting the proper bud to initiate a straight trunk, attention to training ties to maintain a straight trunk, and pruning to assure a sustainable structure will properly establish the vines for the future. It is important to remember that many development and cultural choices, as well as planting date, determine the number of years needed to grow the vine to the established stage. Proper site selection, pre-plant development, and vine establishment tasks preformed by Northwest Vineyard Service will provide the foundation for the future of your vineyard. 











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