Disease and Pest Management

Wine grapes are susceptible to a number of problems world wide, but fortunately most of these pests and diseases are not present in Oregon.  Disease and Pest Management starts with strict compliance with established plant quarantines which will minimize future cost and environmental impacts associated with control of exotic pests.  For pests and diseases present locally, a considerable effort is needed to prevent damage or even complete loss of a seasonís crop.  Northwest Vineyard Service has years of experience managing disease and pest risks such as Powdery Mildew, which is by far the most serious problem to wine growers both in Oregon and around the world.   If not properly managed, Powdery Mildew is capable of annually destroying a grape crop.  Grape Phylloxera is a relative newcomer to Oregon, first being identified here in 1990, and has the ability to permanently destroy an unprotected vineyard.  Resistant rootstock is used in the majority of the newer plantings to mitigate this hazard.  Deer, gophers, birds and other vertebrate pests are a constant threat contributing to the cost of production for a quality vineyard. 




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