Netanya Welch

Vineyard Manager

I have been involved in the wine industry for over 15 years starting in sales and working my way to roots of its production. I feel good wine is a time capsule, a moment captured in a complete sensory experience and the entire process fascinates me endlessly. Caring for vineyards means being above all flexible, but also willing to learn and excited about experimentation. My favorite part about being a vineyard manager is the creative collaboration between nature, grower and wine maker using novel and sustainable methods to produce the best possible grapes keeping in mind the individual needs of each of my clients.”
Netanya Welch


Raised in Corvallis, Oregon, Netanya grew up with relations in the wine industry and a family with a passion for wine. After moving to Santa Fe, NM she found opportunities to explore her interest in wine through working in the citie's thriving hospitality industry as a wine buyer, sommelier and server. This exposure increased her fascination and lead her to the University of New Mexico to study chemistry, biology and horticulture followed by an extended internship in a St. Helena winery where she discovered her passion for viticulture. Her journey culminated with a return to Oregon where she received an AS in Viticulture from Chemeketa’s Northwest Wine Studies Center. Since graduating from Chemeketa in 2011, Netanya has been serving Willamette Valley growers and wine makers as a viticulturist, vineyard manager, consultant and vineyard liaison.










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