Mark Wiley 

Equipment Maintenance Manager/

Custom Fabrication

" It's nice to work with people that have the knowledge and understanding of their jobs and that they have the confidence and take pride in the fact that their job will be done correctly without exception. This is a company that also cares very much about its employees and in so doing provides a great work environment."  -Mark Wiley


Mark has a life-time of practical agricultural experience which, combined with his extensive knowledge of equipment and mechanical skill, make him the ideal maintenance manager.  Before coming to the NVS team in 2005, Mark operated and maintained equipment for several local farmers including his family farm in Dayton.  His can-do attitude and creativity allow him to custom fabricate many of the specialized tools we use.  Along with maintaining company and client equipment he teaches safety and proper equipment operation at the yearly training programs for NVS equipment operators.  


Mark is a graduate of Oregon State University with a BS in Animal Science.








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