Luciano Reyes-Gonzalez

Vineyard Manager
Development Specialist


"Working at Northwest Vineyard Service I have the enjoyment and satisfaction of seeing the work I do develop and grow into a producing vineyard.  I enjoy working for the owners who are very honest, patient and considerate people that recognize the value of their employees.  I look forward to each new day as an opportunity to learn something new."

-Luciano Reyes-Gonzalez


Luciano is the Assistant Manager of Development and Farming.  He started with Northwest Vineyard Service in 1998 as a field worker, quickly learning all of the seasonal jobs of a vineyard with "on the job training taught by the company owner, Robert Bailey".  


In 1999 he became a farming crew foreman. Soon he began training as a vineyard layout specialist. To date he has supervised the installation of approximately 1000 acres of vineyard trellis for NVS clients.


At the Chemeketa Viticulture Center, Luciano has completed courses such as Pesticide Applicator Training, Winegrape Canopy & Fruit Management and Winegrape Winter Pruning.














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