Karl Mohr
Irrigation & Technical

"My interest in viticulture is tied to the inseparable connection established between my two favorite activities: the ability to help living things flourish and the enjoyment of wine.  Nowhere but in the vineyard is this realized.

Plants are the most honest of all customers in regards to the way they are treated; if vines are neglected they will manifest that neglect to the detriment of whoever is caring for them.  In this same regard, a good wine is honest in that it does not require accolades or awards to be of quality- a well-made wine is its own judgment as well as a testament to the care given to the vines that produced it." - Karl Mohr

Karl is the NVS Viticulturist, Irrigation Manager and Technical Director. With a BA in Spanish and a Russian minor from Ohio University in 2003, his language skills help bridge communication gaps with the large portion of vineyard employees who speak Spanish exclusively.  














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